Why choose STYROFOAM as the core material for lightweight composite building panels?

Lightweight composite panels provide the building industry with a flexible approach to construction in both new structures and in renovation projects.

Panels can be rapidly encased in a wide variety of materials to produce doors, windows, roof panels and veranda cladding and also improve thermal efficiency.

Key to the performance of such panels is the core material - STYROFOAMâ„¢ from Dow has been sold into all of these four applications for decades thanks to its well-established properties, good thermal performance, low water absorption, mechanical strength and weight/strength ratio.

Dry to the core -- STYROFOAM'S resistance to moisture


The heart of the matter -- STYROFOAM's remarkable high compressive strength


Tailored to fit -- core layers of as little as 5 mm thick can be cut from STYROFOAM blocks