Product Handling

Please follow the application guidelines issued by Dow. STYROFOAM™ panels melt at high temperatures. The recommended maximum temperature for continuous use is 75 °C. Please note that on hot summer days STYROFOAM™ panels should not be covered with dark coatings/coverings (sealants, fleece, matting), otherwise the insulation panels may become distorted. When bonding STYROFOAM™ panels with colored outer layers, temperature changes on the surface of the outer layers should be monitored. Avoid using dark outer layers.

Should STYROFOAM™ panels come into contact with materials, which contain volatile substances, solvent damage could occur. When choosing an adhesive, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding usability for bonding polystyrene foam.

To prevent weathering of the surface during long periods of storage outdoors, panels should be protected from direct sunlight. Light colored plastic film is ideal for this. Dark colored or clear film should be avoided as this could encourage a build-up of heat.

Panels should be stored on a clean, level surface, away from flammable materials. Panels contain a flame-retardant additive, which should prevent accidental ignition by a small naked flame. However, panels are flammable and could ignite if they are not professionally processed or used incorrectly. Therefore, during shipping and storage as well as during and after installation, these materials should not come into contact with naked flames or other ignition sources/flammable substances.

All flammability classifications are based on laboratory tests and do not necessarily reflect the behavior of the material in the final application under actual fire conditions. After processing, panels should be suitably protected against direct exposure to fire in accordance with national building regulations. Fire protection requirements are outlined in national building regulations, which must be complied with.

Recommendations regarding methods, use of materials and structural details have been devised on the basis of Dow’s experience. These recommendations are only provided as a service. The corresponding diagrams/drawings are designed to only provide information on possible types of uses and are not intended to be used as construction documents.

The information and data contained herein is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, we provide no guarantee of this. Furthermore, we accept no liability and provide no guarantees for systems or applications, in which STYROFOAM™ products are used. Exemption from patent claims may not be derived from this. This document does not represent a sales specification.

The decision as to whether Dow products are suitable for a particular application is the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations during processing and disposal. The purchaser should be aware that the applicable laws and regulations differ from place to place and may change over time.