Production Options

STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene foam panels are produced with a flat, dust-free surface and narrow tolerances. Hot-wire foam cutting equipment makes it possible to cut core layers of as little as 5 mm thick from STYROFOAM™ blocks.

Oscillating hot-wire cutting equipment can achieve a standard thickness tolerance of +/- 0.3 mm to +/- 0.5 mm (dependent on thickness), but there is also the option of manufacturing products as custom-made items with a thickness tolerance of +/-0.1 mm using a sander.

Dow is capable of manufacturing tailor-made products - requests for specific dimensions or particular tolerances should be arranged with the responsible engineer.

Production type Thickness tolerance
Online Standard  ± 0.5 mm
Close tolerance (CT)  ± 0.3 mm
Hot-wire cut (OF) (<15 mm)  ± 0.5 mm
(≥15 mm)  ± 0.3 mm
Quick sanded (QS) (≥10 mm)  ± 0.3 mm
Sanded (SA) (>10 mm)  ± 0.1 mm
(≤10 mm)  ± 0.3 mm

Table 03: Dimensions available; other tolerances available on request

Panels with grooves can also be produced on request. Grooves may assist the bonding process by encouraging the expulsion of air and facilitating the even distribution of adhesive. (Standard grooves: 39 mm groove spacing; 3.5 mm deep, 1.8 mm wide.)

Solvent-free adhesives are ideal for bonding with outer layers made from aluminium, glass fiber reinforced plastic and wood, including common polyurethane adhesives (one component/two component adhesives as well as reactive hot melt adhesives). Various surface finishes are available to suit the particular bonding process.

In addition to processing using hot-wire equipment, STYROFOAM™ panels can be simply and cleanly cut using conventional tools and machines from the timber industry.

Figure 12: Offline cutting