Dow undertakes rigorous quality management during and after the production of STYROFOAM™ in order to manufacture of consistently high quality products. Every two to three hours a sample of the production run is taken to check key properties such as dimensions, density, thermal conductivity and compressive strength, etc. Data are captured in a database accessible to all plants.

Selective product analyses are also conducted in the central Research and Development Department’s laboratory in Rheinmunster. This is where application-specific properties, including shear strength, tensile strength, lambda after 90 days and water pick-up are regularly checked.

Regular external inspections of our products are conducted by certified European testing and inspection organizations. STYROFOAM™ products have a CE label and comply with the harmonized European product standard DIN EN 13164. Declarations of conformity (DoCs) are available on demand, and quality systems are based on the ISO 9000 standard.

Laboratory and test benches also support material research and the development of new application solutions. Customers are frequently involved in work on specific solutions for composite production - for example, when it comes to stringent requirements related to surface finishes or the development of specific testing methods. Based on decades of experience in the use of STYROFOAM™ as a core material and on modern simulation programs, Dow’s experts regularly assist customers with the structural design and development of their products.